Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Urban Knights! We are the University of Central Florida’s first urban planning organization, bringing together all students interested in creating smarter, healthier, well-connected places. 


If you are interested in signing up for our email blasts for future meeting locations and information, please email urbanknights3@gmail.com.

Make sure to like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ucf.urbanknights
and follow us on Twitter @urbanucf

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4 thoughts on “#UCFUrbanKnights

  1. I’m glad to see the club has formed. I’m a student that is getting a minor in Urban & Regional Planning. I met Mercedes at a Citizen Planner Academy workshop. I can’t wait to join you Friday!

  2. Hi just found out about you guys! One question though is there a club fee ? How do I join? and what days do you usually meet up?

    1. Hi Yasmine! There are no club fees to join and our meetings are on the third Friday of every month. The first is tonight, August 22nd at 7:00pm in Student Union room 222. Email urbanknights3@gmail.com to join our email list and receive up do to date information and event developments. Thanks!

  3. Looking forward to our Next General Meeting Friday July 17th in room 225 of the Student Union at 7pm. Only $15 to become a voting member!

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