Site Plan Review

Site Plan Review Workshop – Sony Peronel

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On February 12, 2014 our first technical workshop introduced us to site planning. Learning how to dissect a site plan is important to have in your “arsenal” as a planner. The guest speakers were insightful and presented a great introduction into site planning. The speakers displayed passion and gave the workshop personality by refraining from keeping the content politically correct. They welcomed all questions from students and even stayed past the allotted time. Below is an overview of what was presented in case you missed this insightful workshop. I personally thank Emily and Amy for putting the workshop together. GO URBAN KNIGHTS!
What will “eat up” a site plan?
-Parking and stormwater
What to look for when reviewing a site plan
-Location of the County
-Gauge the context of the Neighborhood
-The Project Team
-Building Placement
-The Building Adjacent to it
-Landscaping (physical representation)
-Plant Schedule
-Electrical Elements (lights)
-Approved Land use plan


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